Tech Talks with Thomas

Exclusive webinar with PanaCast 50 Room System expert,

Thomas Baumann

Take a deep dive into the PanaCast 50 Room System, a complete meeting room solution that enables your business to host more inclusive, more immersive hybrid meetings.

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22nd November


  • Jabra and PanaCast overview 
    A comprehensive view of the Jabra and PanaCast portfolio. 

  • PanaCast 50 deep dive
    Explore the features that bring the human touch to your virtual meetings. 

  • BYOD Room vs. Room System
    An in-depth comparison on the benefits of a Room System vs BYOD.

  • 180° views
    How a 180° view creates inclusive and immersive collaboration experiences for all. 

  • Live demo of PanaCast 50 Room System 
    A quick demonstration on the performance of the PanaCast 50 Room System. 

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Meet Thomas.

Thomas Baumann is the Head of Pre Sales EMEAR & CALA at Jabra. An alumni of the Technical University of Munich, Thomas has been a part of the Jabra team for nearly 10 years and has proved to be an invaluable resource of technical expertise.

With 20 years in various management and leadership roles, Thomas is an expert at transforming business communications. There’s no better guide for the PanaCast 50 Room System.

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Tech Talks with Thomas Baumann

In this webinar, we’ll talk all things PanaCast 50 and the technology that goes into it.

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